Company Profile / Company History

October, 1959 Started in Higashi]osaka City production of press nuts for U.S.A.
March, 1960 Established Taiho Sangyou Co., Ltd. capital was 16 million yen
March, 1966 Capital increased to 80 million yen.
October, 1972 Separated from Neyagawa Factory of Taiho Sangyo Co., Ltd. and became independent.
Established K. M. Seiko Co., Ltd. Capital was 30 million yen.
November, 1975 Started the production of stainless steel pressed nuts.
September, 1977 Started the production of tapping screws.
July, 1984 Kano plant was established. The production of tapping screws was moved from Neyagawa plant.
September, 1987 Kawanaka plant ( present Kano No.2 plant ) was established. The production of large size nuts and cold formed parts was moved.
March, 1991 Increased capital to 4.5 million yen in March.
July, 1991 The head office building of sales department and delivery center ( Automatic rack warehouse ) was constructed in July.
July, 1996 JIS B1125 Drilling Tapping Screws was approved to display.
January, 1997 Mie plant was established. The production of Nuts and Cold Formed parts was moved from Neyagawa plant in January.
October, 1997 Approved factory of drill screws for steel house of Steel Club Standard in October.
January, 1999 The whole company was registered (JQA-3030) as Quality System International Standard I.S.O. 9002
February, 2000 Rewarded as Osaka Pref. Quality Control Propulsion Superior Enterprise in February.
April, 2000 Received Authorization Small Enterprise Creation Activity promotion Law by Research of Development on Precision Forging Technique of Ultra light Weight Parts for the Information Technology.
Received Subsidy on Creative Technique Research and Development from M.I.T.I. in April.
August, 2000 Established Tokyo Branch in August.
January, 2002 Started production of Micro Screws in January.
March, 2002 Received authorization of Small Enterprise Management Revolution Support Law by Osaka Pref in March.
March, 2003 Received Attestation of I.S.O. 9001@(2000 version)
October, 2003 Established Chubu Branch in Mie Factory.
April, 2005 Received Attestation of I.S.O. 14001@(JQA-EM4679)
October, 2005 Masatugu Kitai assumed Chairperson
Takato Kitai assumed President
Hiroyuki Kitai assumed Managing Director
May, 2006 Moved Tokyo Branch to Sumida-ku Kinshicho